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Individuals from marginalized communities don't get equal access to endurance sports--especially Triathlon. Here is your chance to make someone's dream come true

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Lucky athletes will be awarded scholarship funds to help pay for coaching & materials necessary to participate in triathlon. 
donors will receive special recognition from athlete & lucid motion throughout the tenure of the scholarship!

  • Terms of program are 3-6 months
  • Athlete must pay scholarship matching fee of $100/month. 
  • Athlete must submit program testimony every month
  • Athlete agrees to allow videos & photos from trainings & races shared to social media 
  • Athlete will provide a 'thank you' written letter to their donor(s)


how to

  • Fill out application below
  • There is no minimum dollar amount required for donation--all donations are appreciated!
  • Suggested donation amount is $100





  • Are new to triathlon
  • Represent a demographic not commonly seen at most triathlon events, such as low-income & minority & ethnic populations

individuals should apply if they:

  • Special mentioning & recognition for individualas and business donors on social media, newsletter and website
  • Written letter from sponsored athlete
  • Testimonial updates on training & races from sponsored athlete
  • Invitation to lucid motion social events 


Donor Form


Donor form